Understanding flat earth

First i was a glober all the way!!  You could not change my mind and I thought flat earthers were CRAZY!!! At the time my dad was a flat earther and i thought he had lost his mind..He kept telling me things I did NOT understand about flat earth and said i needed to do my own research. After about 6 months I had to look into it because something in the back of my mind said well you never know!! Let’s see what my dad and everyone else is debating so I looked… It took some time but I started to see what they were talking about. 

I kept connecting the dots and came to the same conclusion that earth is flat. During this revelation in my mind I started to have a flood of emotions take over and had a religious experience I can’t explain..It was if all the lies and deceptions had been removed from my mind and I could see for the first time. After some time and serious thought about the matter I could not let it go and new discoveries started to take place in my mind. I realized I had been lied to my whole life and it was all done to control the masses.. 

There is a truth out there: it’s called GOD’S CREATION and he made it for all of us! There are land masses they don’t want you to know about and many other secrets they want to keep a secret this is why you think your on a globe because if you believe your on a globe and all you know is what your told exist on the globe then you won’t have any clue about anything else they want to keep secret.

They want you to worship the god they created for you…Space is fake and we have never been to the moon because you can’t get to it.. It’s inside the firmament God created… Ever seen a snowglobe you shake it up and watch the snow? That’s what earth really looks like… Gravity is only a theory, it only exists as just that…  Buoyancy is the real medium we live in… 

The atmosphere… When you look at the sun in the evening as you can see it looks like the sun is going down over the horizon but that’s not the case… Its an optical illusion… The atmosphere acts like a lense bending the light down giving the appearance of a sunset..This happens because the distance between you and the sun in the afternoon and evening are vast and the atmosphere is thick between you and the sun…Remember the atmosphere is full of humidity tiny drops of water so small you can’t see them and when light goes through the tini drops the light BENDS.

When you understand the effects the atmosphere has on light then you understand flat earth….Notice when you see the moon as its just cresting a mountain top… ITS HUGE!!! That’s because of atmospheric lensing… The atmosphere between your eyes and the moon just over the mountain crest is vast and dense and it magnifies the moon!!  Notice when the moon is right above your head its small??? That’s because its much closer to you and you’re looking through a much shorter distance and the atmosphere is much thinner so the atmosphere’s magnification properties are much less…. This is also proof the moon is much closer than you think…

Light from the moon is cooler, not warm? This is because light from the sun travels through the cold firmament/ water and hits the moon.Light from the sun travels through the firmament like light travels through a fiber optic wire. You can only see the light at the end of the wire or anywhere along the wire there may be a deflection. The light is a cold light from the sun. When the light from the sun hits the moon almost all its energy is released and only a small amount is reflected down to us. Most of the energy gets used to illuminate the moon thus changing the lights from all together into a new form of light giving the moon its own light.

In my discovery of the sun and the atmosphere i’ve discovered that the sun is a self sustaining hydrogen engine getting its fuel from the firmament that is made of pure water. The sun splits hydrogen from the water around it and ignites the hydrogen back into water. During this self-sustaining large scale process the heat generated along with the positive pressure of the firmament around the sun is enuff to extract more hydrogen and continue to ignite it all at the same time. Its a constant battle of extraction and ignition. A large majority of the energy created by each explosion is used to keep the cycle going. Only a small amount escapes in the form of light, light is the byproduct of this constant battle.. 

The sun is hot but the light coming from it is cold as nearly 90% of the energy is used to reignite the cycle of the sun the rest is released as light. Light from the sun travels much slower at first… Its a cold light that is a highly dense and compact form of cold energy i call invisible light. Invisible light is a combination of all colors in the color spectrum. When the light comes off the sun its in a chaotic state but as it travels through the cold water “firmament” it begins to straighten out and take shape or become insulated by the water around it. How could this be? As the hydrogen is being extracted from the cold water/ firmament it turns from a solid into a gas. this gas is then ignited and an explosion of heat and light happens. 

That explosion is the reaction it takes to turn the hydrogen back into water. When the explosion happens all the heat and power is released leaving water behind that is cool. light from the sun travels through this cold firmament and the cold is what insulates the light rays’ energy. this is why the light above our atmosphere is so much more powerful and so condensed and so cold… As the sun’s rays slowly make their way to our atmosphere they start to impact our atmosphere and speed up.

When the rays impact our atmosphere the light diffusion process begins and energy from the rays of light is released every time the ray of light is subdivided it speeds up and more energy is released. This causes heat to form and our atmosphere to heat up. Down hear at ground level our atmosphere is the most thickest and light diffusion is at its most aratic state and lots of energy is released warming up the air around us.by time it gets to you the last of the lights energy is released in the form of heat and light as it bounces off your skin…  

The moon is much closer than you think. It looks big when it’s over the mountains Because the distance of the atmosphere you are looking through is vast and dence That’s also why the moon is dirty or hazy. But small and bright when right above you as the atmosphere is much thinner between you and the moon. This is due to atmospheric magnification. I’m not positive but I believe the moon is between 72 and 120 miles up. It resides in the firmament and can NOT be reached by man. An airliner flies around 50,000 feet in the sky that’s only 9.5 miles up. The sun is around 250 miles away or so i believe.

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

Mercury has a radius of 1,516 miles and the moon has a radius of 1,080 miles. So they are close to the same size mercury being a tad larger. The size of mercury’s shadow on the moon is dictated by the distance the sun is from mercury during a lunar eclipse. Yes, I said it, a LUNAR ECLIPSE is the shadow of Mercury on the moon. As the sun makes its way to the other side of the disk mercury is at the center of the face of earth rising and falling through the seasons. During a Lunar eclipse mercury rises up to block the sun’s light from hitting the moon Mercury is very magnetic and its field is what dictates the firmament’s position.

Why does it get dark if the earth is flat?

This happens for a few reasons. first the sun is closer to us then you think. between 250 miles and 500 miles away. Its a local sun and its only letting go of around 10% of its energy. As the sun moves away from you it starts to get dark and you see a red clouds before it gets dark because thats the end of the light spectrum before ultraviolet then dark. The suns light defuses in a local area over the disk as it goes around and around lighting up the serface below one full circle every 24 hours. 

What are the stars?

The stars are inflections or reflectors of the sun inside the firmament. As the sunlight travles through the firmament unobstructed… That means even when its dark down hear whare we are in an atmosphere and the sun’s light cant reach us anymore because it’s too far away so its dark down hear but up in the firmament its pure and perfect. The light from the sun can travel through the entire dome unobstructed until it hits something like the moon or a star…The s in star stands for solar…the t in star stands for time…the A in star stands for aray… The r in star stands for reflection. As we use the stars to tell time and seasons. Light from the sun travels through the firmament like light travels through water or a fiber optic wire.

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Author: Norman Jones *This post is baing updated periodically

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