Web Development & Design

Web Development

Website Publishers offers web design & publishing, Search Engine Optimization “SEO”, and we speed up your blog, make mobile friendly / ready with accelerated Mobile Pages “AMP” You could say we AMP it up! and many other website related services.

Many people can design a web page, but few people know what it takes to get your site found on the search engines. With every website / Blog, we make sure your domain / URL is submitted to the search engines. Webmaster tools are implemented with Google and Bing.

We make sure that we include the proper title names, descriptions and keywords related to your business services and or products with Platinum SEO tools for your Blog. This along with possible inner-link exchanges will expose and provide higher ranking so your prospective customers can find you!

Full Site / Re-design / Flash Header / Static site or Blog / Website & Blog combination, the choice is yours. We will provide site templates to choose from. Many Blog Themes are available as well. If you have no domain.. we will help you pick the name needed.

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