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Dangers of EMF

Dangers of EMF – Electromagnetic Magnetic Fields for our Bodies come from Nature:

There are two types of magnetic fields, natural magnetic fields and artificial electromagnetic fields which we refer to as EMFs that are harmful to the human body.

The Earth has the geomagnetic field and there is the Global “Schumann” electromagnetic field resonances (vibrations) which has a primary frequency of 7.83 hertz. Our bodies naturally interact with the earth’s magnetic fields and has historically evolved to be in balance with this natural phenomena. These natural magnetic fields are the GOOD magnetic fields for our bodies and cellular structure.

Our human cells produce their own low level magnetic field. Certain Ions flow in and out of  the cellular membrane and this action produces a very low level magnetic field.

It has been shown that healthy cells have a trans-membrane potential of –70 to -90 millivolts.

Our cells magnetic fields are affected positively by the natural earth’s magnetic field and work in rhythm.

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Harmful EMF’s:

Artificial electromagnetic fields are produced by every electronic device. Cell phones and other communication signals are very high frequency and powerful signals and are more damaging to our human cells. Regular home electrical devices operate at 50-60 hertz (low frequencies) and the EMF’s from such frequencies can be damaging especially around high voltage power lines.

Our normal human cell operation and resonance with the natural earth’s magnetic fields are disrupted by these unnatural EMFs and the cells degenerate and malfunction. The cellular transmembrane potential drops and the natural cellular magnetic field is disrupted.

One way to reduce the effects of EMFs is with Faraday Cap > Headgear

Faraday Cap > IMPORTANT NOTE! Do not use your cell phone when wearing this shielding hat. This hat is designed mainly for exposures at head level and above. When exposed to wireless radiation sources below head level, it is possible for the radiation to go underneath the hat and reflect into the head. In addition, although the RF Shielding effectiveness is great, when you place an RF meter inside the hat, opposite a source of microwave radiation exposure, you will still see some activity on the meter. The Hat will not bring the readings on the meter down to absolutely zero, although the strength of the exposure is reduced.

When the body is exposed to EMFs like in the picture to the left, the magnetic field of the body cellular structure is disrupted causing our cells to function incorrectly.

Measuring Harmful EMFs

We can measure EMFs in units called gauss. Studies have shown that anything above approximately 3 milli gauss will start to have negative physiological effects on the human body. Also the gauss readings get exponentially higher the closer you get. For example if you have a reading of 4 milli gauss at 2 feet away you will have a reading of 16 milli gauss at 1 foot away and a reading of 256 milli gauss at 6 inches away. Below we have prepared a table of common household items and rated them on a scale of 1-5 on how powerful and dangerous the electromagnetic field the device creates. Since at 3 milli gauss damage starts to occur on our body we grouped the devices by how close you have to be to have 3 milli gauss or higher exposure. Remember that Shieldite transmutes the EMFs to a harmless form and does not stop them so you will still get a reading on your gauss meter as the gauss meter measures the intensity of the EMF and not the frequency. Gauss meters cannot measure the synergistic effect of Shieldite and BFIT within the body at the cellular level.

Group 5 (worst) 3 + feetMicrowave ovens
Microwave towers
Smart hydro meters
Electric Water Ionizer
Group 4 – 1-3 feetFridge
Wireless routers
Electric blankets
Cell phones
Other Electric water ionizer
Laptop computers
Cordless phone
Clothes dryers
circuit breakers
florescent lights.
Group 3 – up to 1 footStove
Baby monitors
Electric clock radios
Desktop computers
LCD or LED Tvs
Electric heaters
Hot water tanks
Other corded electric appliances
Group 2 – a couple inchesToaster oven
Other hand held electric appliances
small battery operated devices
computer screen
Group 1 – direct contact or < 3 milligaussElectric outlets – not plugged in
Battery operated watch
computer mice and keyboards

Our Human bodies are also crystalline in nature and this structure is also negatively affected by the harmful EMF’s.

For example at the pineal gland of the human brain, bio-mineralization exists in the form of calcite micro-crystals. These bio crystals are affected by the external harmful EMF’s via the piezoelectric effect. This un-natural external electromagnetic (EMF) excitation can cause a myriad of  problems for our physiology with many mood disorders (depression, aggression, fear, terror etc.), sleep disorders (melatonin production affected) and overall sensory perception distorted. The harmful EMF’s affect our very brain function.

Our Human Mind can positively affect our healing process, or negative thinking can cripple healing and create a negative feedback loop which can take us into a increased depth of illness. When harmful EMF’s affect the brain function (as in the case of Pineal gland), then the negative mood disorders and associated internal visualizations can take our human physiological functions into further disorder. One effect is that the blood-oxygen levels can start to drop and then brain and all cells are not getting the proper oxygenation. This then further creates a negative feedback effect where at night sleep is further disturbed and proper brain detoxification doesn’t occur. Then the lack of detoxification creates further mood disorder and so on.

This is why people can even feel that they are under “attack”.

Shieldite is a key element to negate the harmful EMFs and this breaks the harmful negative feedback loop. Breaking the negative feedback loop then provides a more harmonious environment for the body’s natural healing functions to occur.

We are spending more time indoors and in major urban centers where harmful EMF’s are prolific and its extremely difficult to avoid this environment. Shieldite will greatly help to negate the harmful EMF effects.

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