Virtual Camera or Reverse Imaging in all LED Display Units

Virtual Camera or Reverse Imaging Technology or (R.I.T.) – coined by: Website Publishers – is also one of the many uses of Li-Fi – visible light communication (VLC). LED Lighting – Light-Emitting-Diodes, which is the conduit for the transmission of thousands of data streams, send bidirectionally / Send/Receive a hundred times faster then Wi-Fi. At speeds up to 224 gigabits per second. Basically… this means that all LED display units are now CAMERAS ! Usually video streaming and very large amounts of data at the speed of light ! right through our display units, electrical lines and the like ie. computer monitors and TVs, etc. Yes we said it…. data is also being sent right through the LED display units (back and forth) Duplex if you will! and delivered by way of Li-Fi / Wi-Fi, Cable Internet, Cable TV, and electrical lines with smart meters assist.

Virtual Camera