Los Angeles Parking Bureau & Enforcement is a Street Sweeping Scam

Los Angeles Parking

los angeles parkingLos Angeles Parking issues are vast and residential parking here is a fricken nightmare to say the least. This is my personal story about the street sweepers, parking bureau & enforcement parasite organization here in Los Angeles, Ca.  This article is predominantly about the method & operations pertaining to the street sweeping time frames, rules, law, and how the parking bureau and enforcement division handle this whole fiasco. >>>>>>> UPDATE >>>>>>>>


Possible Good News re: PARKING ——–  Spoke to the Los Angeles Street Maintenance Division (Street Sweepers) They are trying to implement a new rule/law that would allow us to park immediately after the street is cleaned. They understand our situation and want to help. But they also told me that we must help ourselves as well if we want to win this battle. They recommended that we do the following:

Install the MyL.A. 311 app and under streetsweepers… request that they move forward with this new law. Hey… all we want to do is park right ? so help out ! This will be a great help. You may also call 800-996-2489 or


If you live in Los Angeles, and particularly in a residential area, twice a week, you will need to get ready to play musical chairs (cars). Signs are posted warning not to park on one side of the street from “11am to 2pm (which is 3 hours) for that day – way too long”  Same hours are posted for across the street except for the following day. This is so the street sweeper can brush the street clean of garbage and the like. It’s not the cleaning of the street that is the problem… it’s the hours and the threat of a ticket if you dare park there even if the street sweeper has come and gone.

I always do my best at structuring my life within these hours. However, today… I wasn’t paying real close attention to the time and went grocery shopping. I purchased a little over 100 dollars of fruits, vegetables, meat and ice cream for my boys and me of course. When I returned.. I realized It was a whole hour before one side of the street would be open for parking again. It was 1pm. After driving around for 40 minutes in frustration and disbelief that I actually could NOT find a parking spot anywhere except 6 blocks away… So I went ahead and called the parking bureau to request special permission to run my groceries in before everything melted and/or went bad.

The lady on the phone initially seemed pleasant and empathetic. She asked all the usual questions like “are you sure there’s no parking anywhere”  and such. I assured her that the only resolve was to run my groceries in or take them back to the store where I purchased them or knock on a stranger’s door way down the block and ask if I could use their refrigerator.  I then asked “May I temporarily park and run my groceries in”  she said “I don’t know” I then asked would she please then ask her supervisor. She told me the parking enforcement handles that. I then asked her please forward my call. She basically said no that I would need to call them. Get this…. the enforcement telephone number is the same as the bureaus at least from what I could tell I found no other numbers but the one I called.

Being I was at my witts end… I simply decided to sit down at tell of my plight in an article you are now reading. I was going to call again but kinda feel like it’s a lost cause talking with them. The feeling I get from them is… lay down, shut up and follow the rules & laws and pay your tickets we don’t care about you. We don’t care about you because we can’t make it so we have to take it… from you! If we help you… we then might not be able to take as much from you. So we’re not going to help you in fact we are making it easy for us to ticket you.

This may be just be a parking issue but as far as I see it as well as many of the tenants here see it… it’s as a real problem. Once again… we’re not complaining about the streets getting clean… we’re complaining that it’s a Set Up. A scam. A Trick Bag. A way for them to take money out of our pockets and put it in theirs. Yes the streets are getting clean but the way in which “they” run this revenue generating scam is a disgrace!! 72.00 a pop.  It literally takes the street sweeper 20 seconds at most to clean our parking area yet we are denied parking for 3 HOURS!  How are we going to make America great again if the parking powers that be continue heaping nonsensical garbage upon us.

In conclusion, I would say that the NO parking hours should go from 3 down to 1. That should resolve most of the problems for most of the people.  I welcome your comments below 🙂