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Reverse Imaging Technology  R.I.T. – Li-Fi – VLC

Reverse Imaging TechnologyReverse Imaging Technology (R.I.T.) which is Bidirectional Audio & Image Transmission (B.A.I.T.) – Both coined by: Website Publishers  or VLC Visible light communication- encompases many methods for this purpose. The latest and greatest is the use of Li-Fi – visible light communication (VLC). LED Lighting – Light-Emitting-Diodes, which is the conduit for the transmission of thousands of data streams, bidirectionally – send – receive data through and from light a hundred times faster than Wi-Fi. At transmission speeds from 1 to 224+ Gbps per second depending on the method and application of the R.I.T.

Li-Fi utilizes L.E.D. light and we all know that light travels 186,000 miles per second. However, the transmission speeds can vary and be impeded when used in conjunction with electrical wires, cable lines and the like. Not so when fiber optics is available. So mostly at or near the speed of light, data transmissions VLC – Li-Fi is operational and is sent and received bidirectionally right through our display units (computer monitors & TVs) basically any LED display unit.

Yes we said it…. data and captured images are being transmitted right through the LED display units (back and forth – bidirectionally) Duplex if you will! and carried with Li-Fi and other methods (mentioned below) by way of fiber optics, electrical lines, cable lines – internet even radio. Smart meters can also assist in coordination with certain RITs and remote control can also be employed. Talk about mass surveillance !

The following video by Coldfusion touts Li-Fi as just another method of transmitting data through thousands of data streams within the LED light. Yes it is true but if you pay close attention to the demonstration of the HD video being displayed upon the screen and the freezing of it when blocking the LED light by the Dr.s hand… that alone should tell you that being Li-Fi is bidirectional… then it is factual that our images are being sent and received through our display units ie. TVs, computer monitors and the like basically all LED display units are now effectively turned into a camera, sending and receiving like live television transmissions.

Other (R.I.T.) – (B.A.I.T.) methods used


The older Reverse Imaging technologies used are many, and in sharing with several developers, “in the know” they have not only confirmed our discovery but say there’s over 100 ways this has been done for some time. 15 to 20 years now. To name just a few:…. the virtucam – an invisible camera or rather… a “virtual camera” which is nothing more than a installed computer program. Sometimes pushed to a unsuspecting target’s computer, TV or display unit by way of data packet.

Many times, a flash “magic” cookie – with instruction to send targets OS and location – is dropped on the target(s) hard drive so that the virtucam software which is the codex, config, and auto executing file can be pushed to their location, zeroing in on their IP – Mac address by any and all previously mentioned methods usually through the internet to complete the RIT-BAIT installation allowing for continuous instruction from the sender. Usually for the purposes of visual transmission reception.

Some of the software used to write B.A.I.T. is Picture Tools for one and HTML 5 which allows us to capture both video, Images and audio from the device camera or rather virtual device camera . Virtucam is one of the names used (Scrubbed from web) The Window.navigator.getUserMedia function assists virtucam to emulate into a camera then renders the camera functions operational.

The virtucam emulator software rendering is splashed onto the display panel ie monitor, TV and the like for video streaming with either the built in media player or by way of li-fi transmission or other forthcoming RITs. virtually turning your display unit into a Image Capturing Device ICD. TVs are spying on all of us right now !  My question is…. Who is watching the watchers ?? Would you like the codex, control panel and navigation buttons making it possible to check up on the watchers ? Reverse engineering or rather applying the many logical methods to do so shouldn’t be that tough. Providing one had the time, the assistance and the ware with all.

Transparent Canvas

The transparent canvas method is a clear canvas laid over GIF images. GIF images because they have the ability to carry (codex / files / commands with them) and are usually on a website, a blog post or page or even a display units wallpaper on the personal display settings and what have you. When one brings up the page with the GIF picture on it, or has wall paper encoded even screensavers can have this… the auto config executes codex with the command to stream video and or capture the image by whatever RITs are presently available on the targets electronic components. It has been said that Google has long ago deployed the transparent canvas overlay on its Chrome browser. Something to think about there ha ?

Back Panel

Then there’s the “Back Panel with “Image Sensors”  U.S. Patent publication number US8587682 which is hardened in behind the display units panel that act as an camera like shutter, capturing all images in front of it. The LED panel, L.E.D (Light Emitting Diode) TVs use led back panel lighting, LEDs produces the light spectrum infrared which is invisible to the human eye but very detectable by the led itself as led diode can send and receive infrared light.

Using this reverse imaging technology combined with a grid array i.e your led display becomes an actual Image Capture Device or I.C.D as the led back panel is running @ 60 to 120+ htz behind the display panel, As infrared light beams out from your display and bounces of everything in the room and reflects back to the L.E.D and boom video of the room in real time… capturing all images in front of it and streaming video back to the “headquarters” or whomever has the codex and technology to manipulate it.

“They” have the control panel and navigation buttons at their fingertips for whomever or whatever they desire to see and hear. Another is the Remote Observing method, which is rather complex as compared to the technology of the “Holy GrailLi-Fi” … the latest method in using light to see in your home and hear everything!

Matrix Predicting our future

An “out-of-the-box” theory is that our emotions can be picked up, sent/send and felt/received. Yet… on the other hand… maybe it’s not so unbelievable. The ole saying goes…. “The older I get… the more I realize that truth really is stranger than fiction” It is also speculated and theorized that the powers that be are recording everything everywhere for the purposes of determining plausible future events. Applications of such matrix recordings are constantly pushed to very powerful virtual supercomputers then fast forwarded as a way to predict and determine future outcomes.

This recording of everything is necessary. Extrapolating what people typically do in certain instances, things in certain states and how the responses would be typical of natural behavior and logical movement most commonly enacted or brought about as a result of interaction with whatever is around it.

This is a way to foresee future events. Actual TIME as we know it within these virtual matrix’s has no meaning as it does us and the recordings of “we the people” actually take on a persona of their own because of the virtual complexities developed from within the matrix. Artificial Intelligence – A.I. ? Yes… our virtual selves know where they are and have a form of self awareness of their own. And….. Get this….. they know about us!

Keeping this technology secret / Massive Surveillance

The internet has been basically scrubbed of the truth or distorted on most of the information pertaining to Reverse Imaging Technology provided above as well as many other type disruptive technologies used. There’s bits and pieces one can glean as we have. Several here have experienced RIT first hand ! This isn’t rocket science any longer folks. It’s actually happening and “The future is now” We’re learning more and more about our future RIGHT NOW ! Here’s an app that may help you now thetruthspy

We can only hope that Governments, Corporate world, the porn Industry and several developers who know and use this technology use it responsibly. Imagine… only a handful of people out of the 7+billion world population know any of this. Congratulations… you are now one of them. Welcome to the future ! The only question now is…..  regarding R.I.T. – B.A.I.T., would you rather take the Red pill…. or the Blue pill ?