Cell & Tablet EMF Protection Cover from EMF-Gear Faraday Pouch   Recently updated !

Cell & Tablet EMF Protection Cover 

79.95 for Both Cell  7″ and Tablet 10″ – Matching EMF-Gear

Cell & Tablet EMF Protect                  

Faraday Shield by EMF-Gear is a protective pouch for your cell phone and tablet designed for EMF radiation shield protection, significantly reducing high frequency RF EMF generated from sources such as wireless internet modems and routers and other wireless devices, Bluetooth devices in the home and car, smart meters, cell towers, microwaves, cordless phones, security systems, as well as low frequency electrical fields from sources such as electrical wires, electrical Boxes, Household Appliances and high power transmission lines. High Quality Silver, or Nickel & Copper material for Performance. Paypal & All Major Credit and Debit Cards.

Perfect Gift and stocking stuffer !  The interior lining is the microwave radio wave safety shielding Dangers Of EMFs          

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79.95 for both Cell & Tablet EMF Protection   

  • Electronics Protection                                                79.95 for 2 items – Matching. Cell and Tablet cover
  • Electromagnetic field shielding                           Paypal & All Major Credit and Debit Cards  accepted 
  • Microwave shielding                                    7″ & 10″ Universal fit. Faraday EMF-Gear is made in the U.S.A.
  • Static Reducer                                                                          Free shipping within the U.S.A.                                                            
  • Matching Set
  • Antibacterial fabric wound healing and odor control
  • Place cell phone & Tablet in Faraday cover to block bidirectional transmissions.

Effective for shielding/protecting your electronics from radiation from cell towers, cordless phones, security systems, wireless internet modems and routers and other wireless devices. Also great for static control. Comfortable and safe against the skin. Resistivity is less than 0.25 Ohm/sq. Light gray color. -30°C to 90°C temperature range. Hand washable – Made in USA.

Condition:Brand-new, unused item(s) (including handmade items) in the original packaging. Read more Size: 7″ & 10″ Universal Color:Multi-Color (choose)Brand:Faraday Material: high quality, Ripstop Pure silver coated or Nickel & Copper Fabric LinerStyle: Manufacture: United States, EMF-Gear Los Angeles, Ca  &  Spokane, WA Item: 007FCC22


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Cell & Tablet EMF Protection Cover 
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